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June 27, 2023

Bromelain is an enzyme mixture derived from pineapple. It has a long history of use for daily health and can be taken as a supplement to improve the flavor of ejaculate in men and vaginal fluid in women. 

  • Supports overall health and wellness
  • Improves semen & vaginal fluid flavor

The Short Answer.

  • Studies suggest that bromelain promotes general wellness through immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
  • Bromelain is an effective and natural supplement to improve semen flavor and vaginal fluid taste.
  • Always consult a healthcare provider when taking any new supplements.

Bromelain is available as an ingredient in: 

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What is Bromelain?

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme mixture derived from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple plant. It has a centuries-long history of being used to treat medical ailments, primarily throughout Central and South America. 

It was first isolated in 1891 and formally named in 1892 (1). It is present in all parts of the pineapple plant, but the stem is the most common commercial source (2).

Why Supplement Bromelain?

Bromelain promotes general wellness through several immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. This means that bromelain can be useful both for keeping you healthy, and for recovery after sickness or strenuous physical activity. 

Bromelain is also a popular ingredient used in sexual health supplements for its properties as a flavor enhancer. Bromelain is often supplemented in conjunction with other sexual health supplements such as lecithin and pygeum.

Bromelain for Daily Health

Scientific studies have investigated the possible application of bromelain in treating cardiovascular* and blood-clotting diseases, reducing inflammation, and in the treatment certain cancers (3). 

Bromelain shows particular promise as an inhibitor of metastatic cancers (4).

Bromelain for Men's Sexual Health

Improving Semen Flavor

Bromelain is also taken as a supplement to improve the taste of male ejaculate ("precum" and "cum"). Regular supplementation imparts a sweet or lightly fruity flavor. This effect is well-documented anecdotally with a great amount of discussion surrounding the best way to improve semen flavor through bromelain supplementation.

While consumption of pineapple alone can improve the flavor of semen, it is generally cheaper and more convenient to supplement bromelain directly. Getting the sexual benefits of pineapple is made significantly easier through supplementation as compared to eating large amounts of pineapple fruit daily.

How Does Bromelain Make Semen Taste Better?

The improvement in ejaculate flavor from bromelain is thought to be the result of flavor and aroma compounds found in pineapple (5). More peer-reviewed research is needed to establish the exact mechanism of this effect.

Bromelain for Sex Drive

Bromelain is commonly used to mediate a variety of aspects of one's health: cardiovascular and metabolic health, mood and mental health, and microbiome and inflammation. Each of these areas has been independently researched and studies suggest that bromelain may be effective to improve sexual and reproductive health.

Bromelain for Women's Sexual Health

Improve Vaginal Fluid Flavor

Bromelain has more recently started to gain popularity as a supplement to improve the taste of vaginal fluid. Similar to the way that bromelain improves semen taste, regular supplementation reportedly imparts a sweet or lightly fruity flavor to vaginal fluid. 

As with ejaculate flavor, the improvement in the flavor of vaginal fluid is thought to come from the flavor and aroma compounds in pineapple (5). 

Is Bromelain Safe?

Bromelain is generally recognized as a safe substance (GRAS) by the FDA (6). Research into clinical applications of bromelain have shown it to be non-toxic and low in side effects (7). 

Nevertheless, two groups should exercise caution when supplementing bromelain

  1. Those who are allergic to pineapple should avoid bromelain.
  2. Those who are on blood-thinning medications: Bromelain has an antiplatelet effect which may be contraindicated for those on blood-thinning medications.

Pineapple extract can be an excellent addition to your daily diet. In addition to benefits for sexual health, it is good for your skin and hair, boosts your immune system, and can improve cardiovascular health.

A doctor or other healthcare professional should be consulted before taking any new supplements or medications. They can help you understand better any potential interactions and recommend appropriate changes.

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* If specifically looking to reduce cholesterol levels consider a supplement with lecithin.

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