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September 17, 2023

Among other ingredients that promote total semen health, Load Boost's formula includes both Zinc and L-Arginine, ingredients that have been shown to promote sperm health and enhance fertility.

These ingredients support sperm motility, semen volume, and overall semen quality leading to improved likelihood of conception.

Improve your semen health.

Many individuals spend a significant part of their lives concerned about unintended pregnancies. It's surprising to discover that conception can sometimes be challenging.

You're not on this journey alone—over 10% of couples turn to IVF for assistance.

What many men might overlook is the profound impact of prioritizing semen health. Our mission is straightforward: to offer men premium ingredients in optimal proportions for supporting fertility. By doing so, we aim to let you concentrate on the joyous aspects of the journey. Load Boost is a doctor-formulated solution that's equipped to provide your body with nutrients that it needs for fertility.

How does Load Boost help fertility?

In the realm of sexual health, while emphasis is often laid on stamina and endurance, an equally crucial aspect—semen quality and volume—tends to be overlooked. Semen plays a pivotal role not only in pleasure but also in fertility. Sperm motility is a key factor in fertility, and a higher semen volume enhances the odds of sperm successfully embarking on their reproductive journey.

So, what happens if your semen volume isn't meeting the mark?

Traditional wisdom highlights the trifecta of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep as pillars of optimal semen health. But if these are already staples in your routine and you're seeking an extra boost, the world of supplements offers promising solutions.

Enter Load Boost, a supplement containing scientifically-backed ingredients for fertility support. It's natural ingredients aim to increase sperm health and increase semen volume.

When Can You Expect Results?

Sperm production, also known as spermatogenesis, is a continuous process that takes approximately 64 to 72 days to complete. Given this timeline, when using supplements like Load Boost, designed to enhance sperm health and semen quality, the body needs sufficient time to undergo a full cycle of sperm production to manifest noticeable results.

Therefore, while initial improvements to semen volume are typically reported at 2 to 3 weeks, the most significant changes in sperm health, motility, and overall semen quality will likely become evident after two to three months of consistent use. It's crucial to be patient and consistent with supplementation to allow the body to produce healthier sperm batches over this period.

Inside Load Boost: Natural, Fertility Supportive Nutrients

The efficacy of Load Boost is rooted in its science-backed ingredients, each playing a distinct role in improving sexual health:


An indispensable trace mineral, zinc is paramount for sperm health. Zinc deficiency has been linked to reduced sperm count, and its supplementation can boost sperm quality and volume. Its anti-inflammatory properties further shield sperm from potential damage, ensuring a healthier reproductive system.


This essential amino acid paves the path for spermin production, a protein essential for sperm creation. Studies have underscored L-arginine's prowess in improving several aspects of ejaculate, ranging from sperm count and motility to overall quality.


Primarily derived from soy, lecithin is a cocktail of fats that fortify sperm health and prevent semen volume reduction. Its supplementation can usher in notable improvements in sperm count and motility.


Extracted from the bark of Africa's Prunus africana tree, pygeum boasts properties that alleviate inflammation in men with enlarged prostates. Historically, it's been a go-to for treating benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) - a condition that impedes urination and ejaculation. Its power to mitigate prostate inflammation and cholesterol accumulation paves the way for enhanced semen volume and and sperm health.

Safety and Efficacy of Load Boost

Load Boost is distinguished by its commitment to safety. Each of its ingredients has been researched extensively, showing no links to adverse effects. However, individuals with specific medical conditions should exercise caution and seek a physician's guidance before commencing any supplementation.

It's prudent to be wary of supplements overflowing with unnecessary additives, which can trigger side effects. Load Boost stands apart, being free from artificial constituents, fillers, and other superfluous ingredients. Its quality is further accentuated by its manufacturing in an FDA-regulated, cGMP-certified facility in the U.S.


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