Our Research & Development Process

Cross-functional expertise.

Our research & development team is made of physicians, researchers, and dietary supplement experts who have experience conducting and reviewing clinical research.

Our team is focused on finding safe and effective ingredients to enhance your mind and body.

Ingredient selection process.

The reality of the supplement industry is that there are many companies selling ingredients that do not work.

Our team finds ingredients that are safe and effective using by:
  • Reviewing clinical research and academic studies.
  • Consulting with medical professionals and supplement experts.
  • Talking to our customers, sponsored athletes, and other supplement enthusiasts to learn about ingredients that they love.
  • Internal testing with our team members and external testing partners to fine-tune supplement formulations.
This rigorous approach ensures that we create market leading supplements for daily health, sexual health, and athletic performance.

A focus on safety & quality.

We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers and manufactured in facilities that meet strict quality control standards.

Each of our supplements for Daily Health & Sexual Health are made in the USA in our FDA-registered, cGMP Certified facilities. 

After a batch is made, it is lab-tested by a 3rd-party to ensure its effectiveness & your safety.

Created with athletes in mind.

Most of our supplements are NSF Certified for Sport®, which means that a reputable, independent body has certified that our supplements do not contain banned substances

NSF's certification program for nutritional supplements involves ingredient and product testing, regular independent plant inspections, and ongoing audits to safeguard consumers.

The enduring auditing aspect of their certification sets them apart from other third-party programs that might only conduct a single audit, potentially missing any subsequent declines in quality or manufacturing standards.

Learn more about NSF Certification

Be the best version of you.

Our mission.

It’s our mission to provide safe and accessible supplements for people who enjoy enhancing their biological capabilities.

The health supplement industry is plagued by companies that use low-quality ingredients, make inflated claims, and spread misinformation. We aim to change that by anchoring ourselves in real data and real science to create supplements that work.

Our team.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, our team of researchers, physicians, and supplement enthusiasts collaborate to bring you world class supplements.

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