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How Long Can Sperm Survive In A Condom?

Sperm are the male reproductive cells that are responsible for fertilizing the female egg during sexual intercourse. These cells are relatively fragile and require specific conditions to survive outside the body. Under the right circumstances sperm can remain viable for a surprising amount of time. The Short Answer Scientific studies have shown that sperm can […]
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How to Cum Like a Porn Star: Tips, Tricks, and Supplements

Let’s be honest. We've all watched porn. And at some point, you've probably wondered how porn stars are able to shoot such huge loads of cum.  In this guide, we'll cover exactly what the professionals are doing to be able to shoot massive loads. Do big loads matter? Before we get into how porn stars […]

Does Smoking Weed Lower Sperm Count?

Marijuana (cannabis), milk, and other dairy products effect how we use and store fat. Fat storage mechanisms play a roll in sperm count. As a result, marijuana and dairy products can impact sperm count. These effects can be either neutral or negative depending on a variety of factors and therefore it is important to understand […]

Foreplay Ideas For Meditation And Tantric Sex

Is meditation part of foreplay for you and your partner? If it’s not, it should be! Mindfulness may seem like an overused buzzword these days. We hear it ad nauseam about everything, including mindful eating, mindful drinking and mindful parenting.  When a wellness trend becomes as ubiquitous as mindfulness, it’s easy to roll your eyes […]

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum

Precum is a liquid discharge from the penis that occurs during sexual arousal, before ejaculation. While not all precum contains sperm, and thereby the ability to cause a pregnancy, some precum does contain sperm. This depends on a number of factors, a main one being when the man’s last ejaculation was.  The Short Answer. What […]

How To Shoot Cum Further

Ejaculation distance and cum volume are both due to a variety of factors, including pelvic muscle strength, sexual health supplementation, level of arousal, hydration, and more. While some of semen volume and cum distance are genetic, there are areas that can be improved through exercise, supplements, diet, and other methods. Everyone is different, but by trying […]

What is Hyperspermia?

Hyperspermia is a condition where a male produces an abnormally large amount of semen or ejaculate volume. This is the opposite of Hypospermia, where a male has a reduced, or unusually low semen volume. Though Hyperspermia is a rare medical condition, it's possible to reach hyperspermia levels of ejaculation through natural methods, and achieve the above-average levels […]

How To Have A Hands Free Ejaculation

A hands free orgasm is when you reach sexual climax without masturbating or having sexual touch with a partner. This can be a hands free ejaculation, or a woman’s orgasm as well. While a hands free orgasm is done without touch, it can be done with a partner present, and assisting in the orgasm. Just […]

Pineapple and Bromelain for Semen Taste in Men and Vaginal Fluid Taste in Women

The taste of semen and vaginal fluid is largely related to the Ph level, the hydration of the man, and the amount of natural sugars present in the semen. Semen is naturally alkaline, due to the fact that vaginas are acidic. The alkaline properties of semen protect the sperm in its journey. More alkaline semen […]

How To Increase Sperm Count And Sperm Health

There are many reasons why men seek out methods of increasing sperm count and semen volume. For some, pregnancy is the goal, while others simply enjoy having a larger volume of ejaculate. There are several methods men can use to increase their semen quality, which include dietary choices, water consumption, lifestyle changes, and taking natural […]

Post Vasectomy Pain, Semen Analysis, And Sex

A Vasectomy is an effective, cheap, and safe procedure in which the vas deferens tube that carries sperm from the testes gets cut and tied off or cauterized. This procedure keeps sperm from mixing with semen during ejaculation. Since there is no sperm in the semen after a vasectomy, there is no way to fertilize […]

Guide to the Cum Holy Grail

What is the cum holy grail? The holy grail of cum originated on an online sex forum in 2009. What started as informal research by curious biohackers has emerged into an entire niche within the sex supplement industry. Most men who test holy grail recipes are looking for one key thing - an increase in […]
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