How to Cum Like a Porn Star: Tips, Tricks, and Supplements

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April 18, 2023

Let’s be honest. We've all watched porn.

And at some point, you've probably wondered how porn stars are able to shoot such huge loads of cum. 

In this guide, we'll cover exactly what the professionals are doing to be able to shoot massive loads.

Do big loads matter?

Before we get into how porn stars do it, let's level set about big loads. Interestingly, research suggests that the bigger and more intense the ejaculation from one partner, the harder the other partner will cum, too. So male ejaculation volume and intensity do in fact play a role in a partners sexual pleasure!

Most of us use some basic, universal metrics to assess how good any sex session is, and how you cum and how much you cum make the list. Porn stars and adult movie producers know this. They make sure to pick the best angles, the best lightning, and a few other tricks to make sure that the “money shot” is the most impressive.

If you want to learn how to shoot cum and ejaculate farther, then you should take a few pages out of their playbook. Let's talk about how the pros do it.

1. Practice Kegels to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

I’m a big fan of Kegel exercises. Kegels is the term for flexing the PC muscles. These are the muscles you use to stop yourself from peeing. Strengthening these muscles helps with ejaculation control plus it makes your erections harder and definitely will help you shoot cum farther.

Practice this every time you go to toilet to pee. Start and stop your urine flow for 5x each time holding it for 5 secs. When you finish peeing hold it for extra 10 secs.

The more you practice the faster your penis health will improve. You should expect to notice a significant difference in 2–4 weeks.

2. Try Edging

The best secret that many pornstars and other guys know is edging. Edging, or delaying orgasm, is the best way to shoot semen powerfully!

During sex get as close as you can to ejaculation and then stop yourself by clenching your PC muscles and controlling your breathing.

Every time you delay your orgasm, it’s like loading the cannon with more and more powder… the firepower behind it. When you do allow yourself to ejaculate you’ll be able to shoot at least 2 to 3 feet.

3. Drink More Water

What happens if you don’t add enough water to a cake batter? The cake batter will be too thick to pour and the volume will decrease. 

The same can be said for semen volume. Drinking too little water has the same effect on semen production. If there is not enough water in the body, semen will be thicker and sperm may have trouble swimming.

4. Let your orgasm build up to a massive load

When it's almost time to cum a big load, stay calm and let the feeling of your orgasm build slowly. 

It's tempting to blow it quickly, because you know it's going to feel amazing - but the longer you're able to build your orgasm the harder it will be in the end.

5. Take Supplements for Big Loads

Not all porn stars are all natural. 

Many use supplements like Load Boost to enhance their sexual performance. Learn more about our favorite supplements for sex:

Increase orgasm intensity, increase semen volume, and make semen taste better

Here are a few of our favorite ingredients to cum like a porn star:

Pygeum: This little known African tree bark has been used to treat prostate related issues. Among other things, it stimulates the Cowper’s Gland, which is responsible for pre-cum production. 

Pygeum extract also supports existing prostate tissue, effectively improving its architecture and function. This helps produce more seminal fluid, ensuring your forceful ejaculation of semen. 

In addition to prostate support, Pygeum can help with bladder contractility, another cause of weak urinary stream in men.


Lecithin: Lecithin is a term for a mixture of compounds derived from animal and plant tissues. 

It has been shown to reduce cholesterol, dampen cortisol responses in situations of social stress, and to increase semen volume. One of the benefits of lecithin sexually is that it increases semen volume


Zinc: Men who consume zinc supplements experience increased testosterone concentrations in their blood and increased semen volume with higher sperm concentrations. 

This increase in volume is due to several factors. Most importantly an increase in spermatogenesis, which is the process of making sperm. 9% of the body’s zinc is expelled through ejaculate. 

Living in a zinc depleted state causes higher levels of phosphorous to replace zinc in semen to maintain the integrity of the ejaculate, thus it's important to have adequate zinc levels if you want healthy sperm.



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