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Load Boost: Orgasm Intensity, Semen Volume, & Taste

1 Month Supply, 90 Capsules, Tested by a 3rd-party Lab, Vegan
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Load Boost is designed for people who want to:

  • improve sperm health & prostate health.
  • increase semen volume.
  • improve semen taste.
  • make sex & masturbation even more fun.

Load Boost users report stronger, more intense ejaculatory contractions and an increase in semen volume when ejaculating.

Many people also report an increase in pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Each of these factors can help contribute to better sex or masturbation both during & leading up to your orgasm.



Load Boost contains a blend of six premium active ingredients that are specifically formulated to improve prostate health, sperm health, and sex:

You'll love that Load Boost is:

  • Vegan, with no unnecessary fillers ingredients.
  • Made from premium, non-GMO, organic sources.
  • Manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified, USDA organic facility.
  • Tested by a 3rd party for safety & efficacy.


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Customer Reviews

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Jimar J.

Great product. Kinda made my stomach upset at first, but it was worth having a product that the 2 important ingredients you need to be safe.

Tom H.I.

Absolutely love it

Joven O.
I can’t tell

Idk the difference really, feels the same and women says it’s the same as well. Probably I’ll review again in 3 more weeks.

Dennis R.

Load Boost: Orgasm Intensity, Semen Volume, & Taste

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3-5 day shipping

Free on orders over $50

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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FAQs about Load Boost

What ingredients are in Load Boost?

Load Boost contains a premium blend of ingredients designed to enhance your sexual experience. The active ingredients modify three different aspects of semen: sperm health, semen volume, and semen flavor.

Bromelain, sourced from pineapple, has been associated with a more pleasant, sweet semen flavor. Pygeum and Lecithin both increase the volume of semen. Zinc and L-Arginine have been shown to improve semen health, erections and testosterone production. Together, these ingredients can help you level up your sexual experience and maximize your ejaculation and orgasm intensity.

How many capsules are in a bottle and how long does a bottle last?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules and will last 30 days per person when taken as recommended. Load Boost should be taken every day for the best results. Most people take 1 serving at a time, while some space out the daily serving over the course of a day - either way works! The recommended dosage is 3 pills once per day with a meal or snack and 8 ounces of water.

Is Load Boost vegan?

Yes, Load Boost is 100% vegan, including the capsule which is made from vegetables.

How do I take Load Boost?

Load Boost should be taken every day for the best results. The dosage is 3 pills per day, taken with 8 ounces of water near a meal or snack.

When will I see results?

Some people may have an immediate response and see improvement in their semen volume and/or taste within days of taking Load Boost. Most people report seeing results after 2 to 3 weeks of daily use.

Is Load Boost FDA approved?

The FDA regulates the manufacturing and distribution of dietary supplements, but they do not review and approve individual supplements. This is different than medicines that require FDA approval. That said, Load Boost is made in an FDA-registered, GMP Certified facility and follows all the standards of practice set forward by the FDA for manufacturing and production.

Does Load Boost help improve fertility for those trying to get pregnant?

Yes! Among other ingredients that promote total semen health, Load Boost's formula includes Zinc and L-Arginine, ingredients that have been shown to promote sperm health and enhance fertility. These ingredients support sperm motility, volume, and overall quality leading to improved likelihood of conception. If you and a partner are trying to conceive, click here for more information on how Load Boost can help with fertility.

Can I take Load Boost with other supplements?

We recommend you consult with your doctor if you are taking numerous supplements to ensure there are no interactions.

Are there any side effects?

Load Boost is made from premium, non-GMO, organic ingredients. It is manufactured at a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility. Our capsules are vegetable-based and there are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. There have been no reported serious side effects from Load Boost.

Does Load Boost help with retrograde ejaculation?

Yes! When we created Load Boost, we had retrograde ejaculation on our mind. Suffering from low semen volume during ejaculation can cause significant emotional stress, and it can diminish the overall pleasure and satisfaction that comes from having sex. Our supplement contains Zinc, L-arginine, Pygeum and Lecithin, all of which can increase sperm production and improve semen volume. Read more about retrograde ejaculation and other ejaculation disorders here.


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