The Best Supplements for Sexual Health: Pygeum, Zinc, Lecithin, L-Arginine, and Bromelain.

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March 28, 2023

Load Boost is a carefully formulated blend of high-quality, natural active ingredients including PygeumZincLecithin, L-Arginine, Copper, and Bromelain.

Not only is it formulated to increase semen volume and orgasm intensity, it's also packed with ingredients that improve sperm health and prostate health and function

Some benefits include increased orgasm intensity, increased semen volume (more precum and more cum), more pleasurable orgasms, and better orgasm control.

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Pygeum bark comes from the Pygeum africana plant. It has been used in France since 1969 for prostate health and as a treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a condition that significantly slows the rate of urination and ejaculation. 33% of men will experience BPH by age 50 and 90% will experience BPH by age 80. 

In addition to its use in the treatment of BPH, the Professional Handbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicines promotes Pygeum as an aphrodisiac. Pygeum works by decreasing the amount of cholesterol stored in the prostate and inhibiting the formation of pro-inflammatory proteins

Improve Sperm Health & Seminal Fluid Volume

Pygeum bark extract also supports existing prostate tissue, effectively improving its architecture and therefore function. This ultimately helps Pygeum produce more seminal fluid, ensuring forceful ejaculation of semen. In addition to prostate support, Pygeum can help with bladder contractility, another cause of weak urinary stream in older men.

Adverse effects of consuming this supplement are rare and mild when they do occur. In those that experience these effects, the main complaint is gastrointestinal upset. There are no known negative interactions between Pygeum and other medications or supplements.

Learn more in our guide to Pygeum.


Men who consume zinc experience increased testosterone concentrations in their blood and increased semen volume with higher sperm concentrations. This increase in volume is due to multiple factors, but most importantly an increase in spermatogenesis: the process of making sperm.

Increase Semen Volume & Sperm Motility

The sperm created by increased zinc supplementation also exhibit higher motility than zinc-depleted sperm. Moreover, zinc acts as an antioxidant in seminal fluid, promoting semen viability and fertility. This powerful element also functions as an antibacterial agent in the male genitourinary system, maintaining the delicate balance of the male microbiome.

9% of the body’s zinc is expelled through ejaculate. Living in a zinc depleted state causes higher levels of phosphorous to replace zinc in semen to maintain the integrity of the ejaculate. Phosphorus has the aroma of garlic and a sour taste - that's right, Zinc can help make your cum taste better!

Safety note: if you're taking a supplement containing zinc, you should make sure to also take a copper supplement. Doctors recommend that you take 2-4 mg of copper with any zinc supplementLoad Boost contains 4mg of copper.

Lecithin for Semen Volume & Sperm Health

Lecithin has been shown to increase semen volume in studies of both humans and of other animals. 

In one study, Lecithin supplementation over a period of three months increased semen volume by 17.5% in rabbits and 14.2% in roosters. Markers of sperm health and mobility were also improved in both studies.

Lecithin is safe for consumption and is found naturally in a variety of common foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and legumes. Most individuals consume lecithin in some form within their day-to-day diet.

Seminal fluid volume and sperm quality

Lecithin supplementation over a period of three months increased semen volume by 17.5% in rabbits (7) and 14.2% in roosters (8). Markers of sperm health and mobility were also improved in both studies.

Erection firmness

Lecithin alongside other supplements such as pygeum and zinc increase the volume enhancing effects of lecithin. Nitric Oxide increasing supplements that increase blood flow such as L-Arginine can improve sexual performance and pleasure. Combining lecithin with a semen flavor enhancing supplement (such as bromelain) is another popular combination.

Pre-cum Volume (Pre-ejaculatory Fluid)

Lecithin supplementation reliably increases semen volume. Precum is largely composed of the same things as ejaculate or cum. If you increase semen volume, you increase precum. Lecithin therefore can be expected to increase the amount of precum that you produce.

L-Arginine for Semen Volume & Sperm Health

L-Arginine has been shown to increase semen volume in studies of both humans and of other animals. 

Evidence suggests that L-Arginine plays a beneficial role in sperm formation and motility due to its role in your body's nitric oxide levels. It is thought to protect sperm from lipid peroxidation damage.

Animal studies have reported notable results about supplementation of this nutrient being able to increase low sperm count as well as activity thanks possibly to inducing elevated synthesis of nitrogen oxides. Oxygenating vascular endothelial cells while enhancing blood circulation at the same time. Think it’s just like providing plant fertilizer so they thrive under adequate growth conditions around them.

These findings have been solidified by results from human studies which show potential effectiveness to increase male infertility through enhanced production of nitric oxide.

Animal Studies

The main animal study of L-arginine that's been conducted used boars as a test subject. It explored the influence of L-Arginine on sperm count, sperm motility, and libido.

Researchers found that L-arginine supplementation led to notable alterations in sperm morphology, including increased sperm count and better sperm motility. This is good news for people who are struggling with low sperm counts.

They also found that L-arginine supplementation increased the sex drive of boars.

Human Studies

There have been many studies of L-arginine in humans. The main human study that we're going to focus on provided evidence that L-arginine supplements can increase both the number of sperm per ejaculation and sperm motility.

Studies of L-arginine have notably shown that it is a good supplement for infertile men to try to conceive since it can improve sperm count and motility. Findings suggest that L-arginine supplementation can be a beneficial, low-risk treatment for male sterility, offering a promising choice for those struggling with infertility.

Lecithin is safe for consumption and is found naturally in a variety of common foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and legumes. Most individuals consume lecithin in some form within their day-to-day diet.

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